Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A plan?

So, Friday we had a scare here. Long story short I had a cyst rupture while at home in the morning. Who doesn't love when your insides are imploding?! Good times.

Anyway, I realized that morning that if something happened (fainting, etc) Eliot would have no idea how to get a hold of anyone. That kinda freaked me out. We don't have a home phone and our smart phones are tricky for a 5 year old to use. However, there is a screen labeled "favorites" that I never use. So Saturday I put 3 people's pictures on that page and all E has to do is click on their picture and my phone will call them. We had him practice a few times and it seemed so simple I was mad I'd never done it before. It reminded me of this post from Jodie.

What do you guys have in place for your kids?

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Katherine said...

You had a cyst rupture?! Are you OK??

Good plan on how to have E ready to call if needed though!