Thursday, August 11, 2011


*Wow, friends, I'm tired. This whole newborn thing is 12 kinds of exhausting. Big D has been here a month already. That's a month of constantly disrupted sleep. And for some *awesome* reason, I chose now to train for a half marathon. I'm pretty sure I heard about some military training where they constantly wake troops up and make them perform physical tasks in order to train their bodies and I'm pretty sure I am voluntarily doing the mommy version of that. Why? Why?

*No news on his case. No news is good news. With Gary Gnews. (anyone?)

*"Big" D had his 2 month appt (yes, awhile ago) and he's a peanut, you guys. He wasn't even on the percentile chart. We're beefin' him up though. Those cheeks are getting chubbier and more chewable by the day.

*One of the first questions we always get is how Eliot is doing as a big brother. I have a whole post dedicated to that very question. Don't expect it for about 6 years, but it's there in the ol' drafts, trust me.

*We've been s.p.o.i.l.e.d. over the last few weeks with friends bringing meals over. Which is super handy since I keep putting things in weird places. And, no, the milk doesn't go in the tupperware cabinet. Nice try.

*I had like 4 other updates to throw on here but I can't remember what they were. guys are the best and still love us in spite of my sleepy stupor.


heather said...

I heart-ed Gary Gnu. :)
Also big time heart the good news that your little family is muddling through and loving up that little peanut you got! Can't wait to hear more about your life as a mother of two these days!!
hugs :)

JustJess said...

I was just driving in this morning thinking about how you hadn't posted in a while and I smiled, knowing it's because you have a new infant! Which is an awesome reason not to post, btw. Love the pic of Eliot and Big D (or should he be little D?). Any update is good in my book!

Amy James said...

What a beautiful baby boy! Love the picture of the boys together. Praying and praising.

Amy J

Kari McCormick said...

I have NEVER heard anyone make a Gary Gnu reference (other than myself). I can't even find anyone that knows what the Great Space Coaster was!!