Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The brother load.

Dear Eliot,

I can't get over it. The little man you've become in the last few months constantly overwhelms me.

On day 1 you insisted we move your booster seat to the middle of the car so you could be near Dez. You've asked countless times if we could move the bassinet and now the crib into your room instead of the nursery. You constantly check on D when he's sleeping and appointed yourself on pacifier duty til the end of time.

Kiddo, you were made for this.

I love the plans you're making for the two of you once he's older. From sharing cheerios and special treats, to light saber battles, to showing Dez the volcanoes in Guatemala. I love how you love him so much already. I love that you demand I chew on his face. I love that you get so impatient that his nap lasts longer than you want it to because you miss him.

You're incredible, Eliot Mohr.


Amy said...

So precious!

JustJess said...

I just LOVE this! What a blessing to you, too, that your little men were just made for each other! Precious is the word for it.

Lindsey said...

Uhm. This made me ugly cry at work. Well done.

Love it.

Mary Beth G. said...

Ugh, teary right now....
Please, please, PLEASE save that letter and give it to him in 10 years, hopefully when the brotherly bonds are just as tight.

Heather said...

Your boys are beautiful. We have a son the same age as Eliot who was adopted from Guatemala also. It took us 19 months to bring him home - I said I would never repeat that, and yet, here we are... on the domestic adoption journey (on month 8 of our "official" wait). :) They're so worth it, right?

I'm wondering where you got that a.dor.a.ble onesie with the "He Knows My Name" lyrics on it. Do you mind sharing? My email addy is

Blessings to you & yours -