Monday, November 14, 2011


*Lots and lots of posts on facebook filled my newsfeed on Orphan Sunday. One friend posted this video (before you watch it, know I didn't love this one, but my issues with it are for a different day):

Hope is Fading – Orphan Sunday from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.

As I'm watching it, Eliot started watching over my shoulder.

E: Mom, why is that girl sad?
M: Because she doesn't have a mom and dad.
E: Why doesn't she have a mom and dad?
M: I don't know, something must have happened, there could be lots of reasons.
E: Dad? Why doesn't she have a mom and dad?
R: I don't know, Buddy.


E: Does it make you guys sad?
Yes, it is very sad. That's why someone made this video, hoping to encourage other moms and dads to think about adoption so that girls like her can get parents.
E: Oh.


E: Mom, do YOU have a tear? (rubbing eyes)

Unrelated but cute pic of Senor:

Another day, in the car with all four of us:

E: Mom, you have 3 stinky boys...
M: Yep, 3 very stinky boys!
E: Hey, boys! Let's all toot!


.Kate. said...

OMG He is soooo adorable! What a very sweet boy!

The Busters said...

Love that last conversation!!! Ezra already thinks toots are funny and he isn't even 2 yet. Boys. Your E has such a sweet heart.