Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pet peeve (aka righteous anger?)

I was shocked the first time I read it. Someone sent me the link to a newspaper article, a special interest story of an international adoption in their town. Nothing significant about their adoption stuck out to me except one of the last quotes from the adopting mother.

Blah blah blah, "kids are adjusting well so far and they're even good at chores already!"

Then I saw the same comment in a completely different article from an adopting family of an older child.

Not to be all Seth and Amy, but REALLY?! You are given a voice, a platform to share your story, and you mention how good they are at chores already? The journalist shows up, asks how everything is and THIS makes it into conversation?

("Already?" How long did it take?)

During our foster training there was a guest speaker, a previous foster kid, now adult. He shared the experience of being in a crowded foster home, the foster parents loading up on as many kids as they could for the subsidy money and the helping hands around the house. The kids got no other attention than job assignments. They got minimal food and had to share clothes.

It's bad enough that other countries are constantly skeptical of our reasons for wanting their children. It's bad enough that media like Law & Order, SVU film a whole episode of rich couples adopting older kids from other countries because in the long run it's cheaper than hiring a maid.

You are a mother. Your children's biggest advocate. You got one chance to speak on their behalf, on behalf of adoption. Way to go!

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