Monday, April 8, 2013

Check 3/12

Yesterday I ran my 5th half marathon.

Which is impressive because I still don't consider myself a runner. Not sure when that will happen.

I had three realizations from this run: (Four: if you count the classy idea of using my shirt as a kleenex)

First: The oh-so-hilly course took us through St. Louis University campus. Through that part of the course there were tons of college kid spectators, what with their SLU gear, quick metabolisms and Starbucks cups. I thought about college-me and what she would say if I told her that 36-year-old me was completing her FIFTH HALF MARATHON. She was very impressed. We were both pretty proud.

Secondly: Running for Erin and Bob's adoption made me notice what other people were running for. Clean water programs, Leukemia foundations, Cultural Leadership, etc. I really liked running for a purpose. If I ever run another it will be for someone besides myself. While the first four were a great accomplishment, this one meant more.

Thirdly: Our roomie agreed to bring the boys downtown to see me since Russ was at church. This was a big deal to me. We see Russ perform literally every week at church, where Eliot is often seen giving an unabashed thumbs up from the front row. We cheer weekly for Eliot during swim practice, homework completion, reading and t-ball. And, lets be honest, we cheer Dez on for just about everything he does. But yesterday? My boys were all really proud of me. They were cheering me on. Eliot was convinced I ran as fast as a cheetah. Which is totally accurate. If you remove most of the cheetah's legs.

A huge thanks to all my pledgers! My team alone raised almost $250. Still waiting to hear about the other runners fundraising totals!


amanda said...

Um, you're totally showing that list who's boss. So proud of you friend. I would rather poke my eyes out than run a marathon, even if I was in top physical condition. But I still admire people who do them . Haha. I'm just putting this out there and you can take it or throw it right back but once I get to STL I'm off for two weeks before my job starts and I think we should be quilting buddies. Think about it. And by think about it I mean don't think about it just say yes. : )

kc whitney said...

I loved the 3rd thing you realized. How great that they got to see their mommy accomplish such a great goal. You're right we cheer on everyone else and it is important to let your family to be there to cheer you on as well. Very cool! And the cheetah comment is so cute. Way to go!