Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun night!

It's become "tradition" to meet at a great cafe in town on Friday afternoon/evening for dinner. Tonight we had 14 babies there and you would be shocked. At several points we looked around and only 1 baby was crying, the rest were just chillin. That's pretty much how it is for most get-togethers here. Guatemalan babies are so great! (and so cute!) It's amazing to have such a community of friends down here. It's been a HUGE blessing that I"ll never fully know the impact of, I'm sure. I'm not quite sure how else I would've stayed sane!

I also wanted to show off my new roomie/ suite mate and her beautiful daughter, Bella. She's the one w/ her baby in a sling all cuddled up! (Bella just started walking this week and it's pretty exciting!) Her name is Sharon and she's from Washington state. She's actually one of the first people I met here back in November and we've come to be great friends! She and her old house-mates took me under their wing to show me around town and get me connected to the large group. Pray for her case as you're remembering us, she's already been here almost 8 months and her daughter is almost a year old. She's definitely due to go home!

Thanks for all your encouraging emails, I'm blessed by your thoughts and prayers!

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the wilmot's said...

I am so excited about your I can stop asking Russ what the latest is EVERY time I see him! I'm sure he gets sick of that question.

I am also glad to see a small glimps into your life down there. I miss you so much and can't wait to meet your little boy! what a cutie!

Thanks for the updates. you are in our prayers. we love and miss you!
Kelli Joe and Toby!