Monday, February 23, 2009

To blog or not to blog?

First off, one post a week isn't working out for me. I hate it. I have too much going on not to blog. Some topics seem so insurmountable that I ignore them, leaving you to fill in the blanks. So, I fluff. I throw a few pics at you of my little brown man and hope that you'll keep coming back.

Life has been busy, but there's much to blog about.

* Potty training is going really well. Squatty Guate has been out in public several times now and made it just fine. We've had a total of 4 accidents in the last week and a half and those instances have more to do with, uh, some technical difficulties. Yikes.

* Several of you have mentioned that you need pics so you can picture all the adventures of the Mohrs in our new place. Every time I think of it I look around and calculate how much work it would be to clean before I posted pics of the state of our living all over the web. If you remember what our old house looks like, just put us back in there. It's like the guy who starts dating a girl that looks just like his last girlfriend.

*We hosted a 'housewarming party' here at the new place. Hung out with some new friends and some old friends. If you weren't invited, it's because you don't live in the city or I forgot you because my brain no longer works.

*We've had some bigguns goin on here at the ranch. Issues that I'm not super sure I want to share on the blog but it's brewing. To blog or not to blog? I'm not sure. (This isn't some comment-bait, by the way.)

*I've decided to become fierce about my book. It's moving along and I'm getting more excited about it. I even wrote a book proposal. Aren't I fancy?


Sharon, Irene and Isabella's Mommy said...

You absolutely are fancy and, just so you know, I am calling you today.

Mamá to the best 3 said...

i definitely say BLOG :D