Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the winner is...

Janel! I used the fayn-cey random number integrator thingy, adding my comments, then Russ's and 26 came up!

Janel, email Russ (russ AT fundamental elements d0t net) this week to get things moving!

Congrats, and have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. Fun story since this post became an impromptu Janel highlight: we used to teach together a few years ago. A group of us did a secret santa exchange in 05 and she got my name. People, let me say one thing: Gold.Mine. One thing she gave me was a mini-scrapbook made from brown paper lunch bags. If you know Janel, it doesn't surprise you that she could whip up something so cute w/ something so common. She's got mad skills. In the scrapbook was this note:

Can you read that last line? It reads, "I KNOWgood things are going to come for you in 2006." Ya'll, she just might be a prophetess. In 2006, we decided to adopt, decided on Guate, Eliot was born in May, we met him in July, and I moved to Guate w/ him in November, Russ joining me for that Christmas. You might say it was a good year.

Anyway, I found this little treasure when we packed last December and stuck it on my shelf when we unpacked. Just thought I'd officially thank Janel publicly for it!

Merry Christmas one and all, even if you didn't win the very cool new blog header!!!

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janel. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! That is me screaming and doing a little dance :) I am beyond excited Katie and Russ!!! I need a new blog header like nobodies business and Russ is officially amazing :) I love that you found that book, what a fun little treasure :) And pretty much when you and Russ are pretty amazing people, it was easy to guess that 2006 would be amazing for you both.
Yes yes yes!! What a great Christmas gift!! I will be emailing russ as soon as possible.
P.s. readers...Katie is pretty much as awesome as she says that I am, times 1,000. It was such a blessing to work with her. I am just glad that she didn't tell our funny story about a student's hot older brother at the talent show :) lol!!
Love you!!!!!