Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frost Yourself.

Don't know if you remember our adventures at Melissa's wedding last November, but one of them included one of her many adorable siblings pointing out that my diamond was no longer in my ring. Blessings of blessings, it was on the floor directly below where we were sitting. I tucked it safely away and moved my anniversary band over to hold it's place. How else would I ward off all those potential suiters?

Knowing that we bought the ring in Little Rock, I assumed I had to take it back there to get fixed. Long story short, there's a local jeweler owned by the same company. EGAD! 12 months later, I take the ring in and get it back w/in 2 weeks.

I'm giddy. Like a newly engaged 21-year-old! So excited that I'm even willing to post this disporportioned pic of myself.

And did I mention Russ' new blog? Cuz, it's awesome.


Amanda said...

I am so glad you got your ring back!!! And it makes me so happy that you use a term from How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

But...isn't that "frosting" on the wrong (right) hand?!?!

janel. said...

loooove the title. Great movie :)
The week I got engaged I was at school and a lady said oh you are so funny wearing your engagement ring even without the diamond yet. I nearly had a heart attack because I had already been all over school.
3 hours later one of my students found it in a bag of lemons that a parent had brought up for their Lemonade musical. I about died!!!

Anonymous said...

Photo Booth does not horizontally mirror images.

Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

Hey i remembered what the name of the diamond campaign was... Frost Yourself. :) Glad to help out.