Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soap box?

***Warning! I'm not feeling well which leads to crankiness. There's probably a better way to express the legitimate things wrong here, but I'm too tired to think it through.

I stayed home from work Tuesday, not feeling the best. While watching a lame chick flick, I saw this commercial. (go to the 3rd one, with the lady carrying groceries)

Perhaps this was medicine-induced but, it made me mad.

Hey, lady, perhaps you wouldn't need to work 2 jobs if you didn't have that amazing house? And why the heck is your husband home at 2:30 reading a magazine while you struggle to carry all the groceries inside while in between jobs? I'm so annoyed. Maybe he works from home, sure, I get that. Doing what? Reading magazines? Lame, I tell you. Perhaps he could put his mag down long enough to have a good family chat about "living beyond your means" as a problem/solution instead of recommending an energy drink. Way to take care of your wife, mag-man.

Was the advertising team for this product really thinking this was a great family dynamic to portray? You missed it, team-5-hour. Way to congratulate passive men and the prison that is the American Dream House.

Rant over.


Christy Milam said...

i am sooo glad that that annoyed you too!!! the way she constantly rolls her eyes and who walks through the house with kids yelling and screaming in front of you? and don't even get me started on the mag man!

Christopher said...

While I generally agree with the sentiment... when I watched it, it seemed that within the context of the commercial she was referring/gesturing to "raising a family" as her second job. As a stay-at-home parent, I know I feel that way sometimes.

But, again, yes, right on with the sentiment.

.Kate. said...

I totally agree with the whole lazymanonthecouchwhattheheckdoyoudotohelpoutanyway? part. But I have to say that the first time I saw that commercial, I inferred that her second job was her job as a housewife and mother. Not that that changes the rest of the ridiculousness; I just had to throw that in there :).

Christopher said...

One more comment before the whole "man-on-the-couch" thing gets out of hand... I am that man. My wife works; I stay home with the kids. She may often pick up some groceries on her way home from work. Plus, at least in the second shot of the commercial, the kids are sitting at the table seemingly doing homework.

So, yes, when my wife gets home from work, I may be on the couch or computer (whatever) while the kids are playing, coloring, etc. (Give the man a little benefit.) :)

Unknown said...

Wow, Katie! Maybe you should lay off of the medicine or tv...or both. :) I would say the majority of commercials are crazy, but you're dead on with this one.

Gina said...

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