Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Extra 50ish

Here's your first five states!! The pictures are slow coming in but cans and socks, oh the CANS AND SOCKS. Did we get all 50 states involved? Nope. Did we organize in too short a time? Yes, for sure. Did some sign up and then have to back out? Yes. BUT what's more important is that there were cans and socks donated that wouldn't have been before.

To be honest, we haven't officially donated ours yet. The majority of them are sitting on our buffet in the dining room. However, we've been personally handing them out as we meet the homeless near our neighborhood. Russ and I have decided to keep a supply of them in our cars to distribute ourselves after we donate the majority to a local pantry. The homeless we've given to already have been so thankful. Not that I didn't believe Shay when she said how valuable socks are on the street, but wow, have they been thankful for them. Then when I offer them a pop-tabbed meal? It's a way better reaction than I've gotten from cash.

By the way, BY THE HOLY CRAP WAY! In case you haven't been keeping up with Shay, she got married on her last day of the project in Hawaii! AND! She and her new husband are doing the project again this year!
(pic stolen from fb, of course!)
Here's an excerpt from her fb page:

Shane and Shay collect items such as food, clothing, camping gear, hygiene supplies, shoes, socks and blankets, and donate them to individuals and organizations in need. If you would like to help organize a food or clothing drive, contact Shay at
The objective in 2011 is to generate $50,000 in new or gently used goods for redistribution across the country, including 30,000 pairs of socks, and 20,000 food items. Let us know how you can help!

Uh...who's in?

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