Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I guess if Britney can have multiple come-backs, so can The Bump-it. If you've noticed there's been a serious lack of Bump-It activity on this here blog. I apologize. I'm only as good as your contributions. This is shared guilt, friends.

Well, get ready. According to at least two sources...they're back.

Latest Hairstyles (where I get a lot of ideas and tutorials for my hair stuff) posted this.

And a fan sent me an email showing Cosmo had this in their latest issue:

Get your camera phones ready. I'm counting on you.


Joy said...

Will the pictures count if I take them of myself?? Because don't think I'm not gonna do this if Cosmo tells me to...

Kate said...

oh dear. I'm kind of obsessed with Brigitte Bardot's hair at the moment, so... get your camera ready.