Monday, December 22, 2008

Not quite what I'd pictured

Pink and blue are the new Christmas colors, if you didn't hear. Confused? Let me explain...

Saturday we were helping friends move to their new condo when Russ asked me what was wrong w/ my eye. Just a little chunky goober, no big deal, right? As the day progressed, the goobers were more frequent and then it happened. It turned pink. Or bright red, actually. As an almost-32-year-old, I got my first case of pink eye. 3 people in our church circles have had it recently but I've always managed to steer clear of it, even as a teacher!

Mid-evening I went to put in my eye-drops when I noticed my other eye had a lovely matching goober. At this point, my first pinked eye was so swollen I could hardly open it. (no pics for this post, sorry peeps, we're not that close)

When I woke up on Sunday morning, the world was gone. Both eyes welded shut. I had to feel my way to the shower. By Sunday afternoon, the drops were working well enough to reduce the swelling but I still look like some sort of freak. Today they aren't any better.

This is not the time of year for me to be shut into the house. My to-do list is ridiculous and I can't get any of it accomplished. I'm so frustrated, not to mention, how hard it is to stay away from Eliot. So, I decided to wrap the presents we do have. In effort to be "green" and to save some "green" and to stay out of public, I'm using the only wrapping paper we had left. That didn't last too long and I had to move on to the only other options we had at our disposal. Gift bags. Blue, baby shower gift bags. It looks like more like Christmakuh around here now (a little shout out to you OC fans still out there). And to be honest, I really can't see that well, so I'm not super sure how well anything is wrapped. But, it's off the list!

I'm so desperate to get out of here and get stuff done, I may attempt the movie star look and wear big sunglasses everywhere I go.


Jodie Allen said...

oh that sounds awful! although let me think... a few days shut in a room by myself with no kids around? sounds like heaven to me! :)

Terry said...

Oh no! Hope the goop, redness and puffiness goes away soon!

Jon said...

You type with remarkable precision with your eyes swollen shut.