Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spontaneous Dinner party cancelled.

Yeah, you read that right, we. homeless.

Remember this post? (click on it, it's a link, yo.)

Well, we got a call Thursday that someone was gonna make us an offer. And they did. Being that it wasn't quite the 'offer we couldn't refuse', we countered. Then they countered. So we countered their counter of our counter. Not really, I just wanted to keep using the same word for verb and noun. It's a weird delight of mine. They did counter our counter but we didn't follow it w/ a counter to their counter of our counter. (I can't help it! Somebody stop me!)

We've had constant traffic through our house so this is a relief! Now my efforts can go from a spotless house ready for the spontaneous dinner party to boxes, boxes and more beautiful boxes. That means more purging and organizing. Another weird delight of mine. (and by spotless, I mean "quick, hide those dirty dishes in the fridge!)

So, off to the city we go! Confused? Stop and read this post from a year ago. No, really, go read it. The only difference in our plans a year later is residence related. We're kickin' it old school. Apartment living. No appliances to call our own. We've heard that age 31 is the new 21 but this is a bit much...

We're pumped. This has many layers that I can't post about yet, so just be super excited for us. I'll leave you with take 1, take 2, take 3 and take 4.

Many of you ask how we get Eliot to smile for pics all the time? I drop stuff off my head while taking the pic. Works every time. Good comedy, people.


Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

All of this occurred just a few days shy of November :)

Sara Luke said...

Your Obama comment on Nicole's blog . . . I'm still laughing. Seriously.

erin said...

Yay! Congrats on selling the house! I am looking forward to having you guys in the neighborhood. I'm hoping that some day Eliot will take to liking Marlie like he did that other little girl last weekend. I think they'd make a cute couple.

Cary said...

Uh, Eliot's homeless? He can live with me.