Monday, December 1, 2008

Time to give...

Last year we collected items for stockings for the soldiers and this year this project has my attention. Do you remember this post from our trip to Guate this summer? Well, they have organized themselves and are ready for your lovin'. Here's an email from Mayra Garcia, the Guatemalan superstar who is running this amazing project!

As most of you know, we have been working in a feeding program project in Ciudad vieja (5 kmts away from Antigua) and our vision has been to open up an school for these kids, since most of them are not currently attending school.

We strongly believe that education is a key factor for development in any country and that is why we don`t just want to feed their bellies, but also their minds and their hearts since we do not only need for them to be good professionals, but also professionals who fear and love God to start breaking up the corruption in our country.

We have spotted the perfect piece of land for this school to start in January, but need to come up with an offer to buy this land.

We have some friends who have opened up a non profit organization in Louisiana and any donation will be task deductible. Any donation, from $1.00 up will be highly appreciated.

The account no. Is 716622548. The Bank is Whitney National Bank in Louisiana
beneficiary (Wendy A. Smith). address is 1120 North White Street, New Orleans Louisiana, 70119
The official name on the account reads...THE VIEJA SCHOOL PROJECT.

Also, we have a friend (Mary Margaret) who is working on a web page for the project. I would like to add the links to this mail, so that you can get an idea of what we are doing and that you can keep up with any updates done to it. (here are the picitures of most of the kids who would be attending the school).

Thank you and blessings to all

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Terry said...

You've just helped me (and the children of this area of Guatemala) more than you know! :)