Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh my. I've been in my share of weddings but this one 'took the cake'. I misplaced my camera after the first couple days we were there so I don't have many to share but I have stolen a few from friends on facebook.

This last week I had the honor to be a bridesmaid in Melissa's wedding. (To catch any newbies up: Mel and I became friends in Guatemala and she is still living there waiting for a visa for her sweet daughter.)

So, numbers. Let's talk numbers.

48 people in bridal party.

20 siblings in her family.

14 bridesmaids.

8 stomach aches from laughing.

7 flower girls.

6 day trip.

5 hours of sleep each night. maybe.

4 people wanting to see our house while we were gone, wish we would have cleaned it.

3 dear friends reunited.

2 times Russ saw "Role Models" with the grooms party.

1 "gato" that Eliot was O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with. (cat)

1 gorgeous bride.

1 stolen t-shirt.

1 exhausted photographer.

1 greasy breakfast w/ a great friend.

1 12-year-old diamond that fell out of my wedding ring.

1 couple commissioned for the mission field as part of their wedding ceremony.

The t-shirt thief.

A 'few' of Mel's younger siblings...

Oh! My Sharon! Doesn't she look so cute??? It was so great to see her!

Mel's mom...more on that later.

(Eliot running on the family farm yelling "Chicken coming!" and not referring to dinner.)

(Mel with 3 of her sisters)

More later, must process all that took place.


Amy said...

OH NO! KATIE! Did my ring cleaner knock your stone loose?! I hope you found it? I feel horrible!

Amanda said...

Katie, I can't wait to hear and see more of the wedding!!! Melissa was so beautiful!!!!
What the heck happened to your ring????
I wanna see Eliot in that cute wedding outfil!!!!!

Erin said...


Must. Have. More. Details.


Incidentally, will you be in the Lou this weekend?

Laura P said...

Looks like and amazing time! Can't wait to hear more!

Amanda said...

I have enjoyed looking at these pics on facebook... I so wish I could've been there!!

Mamá to the best 3 said...

cannot WAIT to hear more!!