Friday, October 15, 2010

link love.

Wanna get a kick to the gut? (in a good way)Read this.

Still processing this one, same idea.

This is my new obsession! Food of all fun shapes and sizes and themes!

I'm assuming you've seen the Fail Blog, right? Sometimes inappropriate but funny.

This one? Also funny but sometimes PG-13 language, so don't let the kiddos read it.

Holy freaking cow, this Dad is creative!

She loves adoption and she's funny. Double bonus.

My friend Lindsey was recently diagnosed w/ Lymes disease and is selling stuff on Project Lyme-Aidthis cute site to help pay for her medical expenses! You can also donate stuff to her to sell, too, if you want to help!

Have $10 and want to save a life? Go here.


Maggie said...

love. love. love.

Amy said...

Hi Katie,

I don't think you know me, but I think we know a lot of the same people (we go to Riverside), and we're Jodified/Fresh Art clients. Anyway... I have been checking your blog recently (got the link from Jodie's blog one time) because we are pursuing international adoption. I wanted you to know that you played a part in that decision, and to thank you for that. You were right about that first link being a kick to the gut! When I first read it awhile ago, we were in the praying/researching/discerning stage of adoption, and that post by the family in Haiti clinched it for me! Along with some things you have posted, and lots of other things. But that link did me in. Thanks for the link love. :)

If you're ever available for questions on adoption, that'd be awesome, because unfortunately we hardly know any adoptive families. We want to adopt from Honduras, because we have grown to love that country through being involved with the Micah Project. Which actually, my husband Matt (who served in Honduras at Micah for 8 months) thought maybe Russ has gone down there on a mission trip one time? Anyway... I hope I'm not freaking you out! :) If you have time for that and are willing, just leave a comment on my blog! I totally understand if you don't. Thanks either way! Happy Thanksgiving!