Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet PBG

**This post was written before my NY trip! I can't believe I forgot to publish it!

What? You don't see him? He's buckled in right next to El.

While Eliot was playing last week he came to me and said that he had squished PeanutButterGuy and was laughing. When I asked him who PBG was, he said, "he's my friend, Mommy."

PBG has been with us ever since. I keep learning new things about our house guest. Such as he isn't very good at football, he's short, he's not potty trained at naptime, he doesn't like chips but does like carrots (cuz he's trying to get taller, of course), he likes to listen to Thriller but doesn't like scary monsters and most often I've heard that it bothers him when I don't listen to him. (Mom! PeanutButterGuy is TALKING TO YOU!) He also like to help me cook, is working on his basketball skills and needs to wait in the hallway when Eliot goes to the bathroom. Oh, and he's a doctor.

At one point while Eliot and PBG were buckled into the back seat, Eliot started laughing. When I asked him what was so funny he told me that PBG got jelly on his face.

Of course he did. Crazy PBG.

***Update to add: At small group Monday night we went through a series of questions to Eliot (since PBG was there, too) about who he was and figured out that he's this guy! Phew?

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Russ said...

Peanut Butter Guy came out of nowhere to join us at the park today, too. I had to push an empty swing, fro cryin gout loud. That is, until a little girl came over to use the swing and Eliot had PBG sit down on the ground and watch him.