Saturday, October 2, 2010


We keep running into friends out in public and they seem to be confused unless they happen to catch the news on the good ol' book of face.

We got our first foster placement. I will explain more at another time but it doesn't look to be anything permanent.

It sounds exciting but remember what had to happen in order for this to be the case. Something went wrong in someone's family. This isn't necessarily a good, shiny happy part of the story.

Speaking of, we won't be sharing his story. For multiple reasons but mainly because it's his story, not ours.

Pray for him, for his family, for us as we all transition.

And know that my husband is the greatest foster dad ever. ever.


mrs boo radley said...

You are blessed to be a blessing.

Tracy E. said...

Good Luck! I'll be thinking of you-
From experience I know it takes about three weeks before everyone transitions and life starts to feel "normal" again

I just recently returned child #14 to a caring family member- enjoy the adventure!!!

Maggie said...

The beginning of quite an adventure. Praying for you all and for the little boy.

Bailey Mohr said...

Thanks for being a safe home for hurting kids and their families. I'm thankful that God made people like you who are helping put the world back together.

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Wishing you lots of luck on this journey you are on.

So happy you are providing a safe home for the little dude no matter how long it is.

Jill said...

So excited for your family! We too recently added a foster baby to our family. Love the wording you used about it being his story not yours. I will be praying for your family as you adjust to another little one in your household!