Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 year old Eliot via my status updates so far in '12:

*As I'm cleaning the bathroom, Eliot strolls by without stopping and says, "Make it shiny, Mom."

*Eliot keeps asking what presents he's getting for Presents Day on Monday. (Presidents Day)

*Listening to Eliot tell Russ about the Valentine he's making for a girl in his class. I'm equaling enamored with his cuteness and ready to lock him in a closet until he's 28.

*Based upon how quickly he DOESN'T move when I really need him to, I'm guessing Eliot won't be a fireman when he grows up.

*A first for this fam! In Eliot's room last night helping him get ready for bed, he took off his sock and threw it toward the clothes hamper, except it hit the wall and stuck there. Hashtag: boysaregross. (I'm rebelling against all the #.)

*Walking home from school, a guy leaned out his window to "holla" at me ("Hey girl! or something). Eliot said, "Mom, quit being rude and say hello!"

*Eliot told me this morning that I wear my hat like a girl.

*Walking into the art museum, Eliot says, "mom, there's some inappropriate stuff here...

*Eliot has started referring to Russ Mohr as "pretty girl". It's killing me.

*"Mom, it's not slippery out here!" famous last words...

*Eliot: Mom, how far away is the airport?
Me: Um, a little ways, why?
Eliot: I'd like to go to Africa.


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Wynne Elder said...

Tell that cutie I'll take him to Africa!

Unknown said...

You have to write a book! Your family is too fun!