Thursday, March 1, 2012

Princess Run!

My dear friend Joy (if you're new here, she's Russ' cousin/one of my besties) emailed me months ago and asked if I'd consider joining her for her first half marathon, casually mentioning it was the Princess half marathon at Disney World. Um...yes. So, training started again.

We arrived Thursday night, played in the parks Friday and Saturday and ran on Sunday morning, then I headed home Monday. It was perfect timing for a getaway weekend for me. Haven't taken a break from real life for awhile and while I didn't get much rest, it was a blast. It's always healthy to miss your children once in awhile! Chewing on cheeks resumed quickly on Monday, no worries.

Enjoy the photo dump with selected commentary...

Meet Selby and Sal! Our official cheering section for the race!

Waiting for the bus...enjoying coffee instead of strollers, diaper bags, etc.

Prepping for the race w/ a couple of footmen...

I told you I hate roller coasters...

We were 12 kinds of serious about A Bug's Life.

Of course we were invited to be apart of a Flash Mob while walking into the park on Saturday. Things like this randomly pop up when I'm on vaca w/ Joy. Not sure why.

Highlight of my day. If you couldn't tell.

Oh hey, Henna artist...Yes please! (curls compliments of "no heat curls" via pinterest!)

RACE DAY! was 3:00 in the morning in this pic. You should know this. You should also know our tutus were custom made by Sal! You should also know I'm still wearing it. Right now.

Well, yes, I'll quit running to hang with you fellas...

About to run through Cinderella's castle! Best moment of the run!

We did it!

So proud of Joy for finishing her first half! What an honor to be next to her in this moment!


Amanda said...

I have to say that I cannot wait for you to be next to me at some point within the next few months celebrating my first half marathon!!!

Wynne Elder said...

You are too cute!! How fun!!!!