Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall jumpstart?

We missed strawberry and blueberry picking seasons. #parentfail #droughtfailactually

However, I'm writing today to announce that we, The Mohrs, did NOT in fact miss apple picking season.

I know how important this is to you all. Thank you for praying us through such a difficult time.
Good ol' fashioned funny.
Our girls! (They live with us. Surprised they're not on here more often...)

I'd like to introduce you to 14 year old Eliot...geesh.
Our new friends, the Millers!

As soon as we got home, Eliot begged us to make carmel apples. He talked about the whole time we picked apples, asked in the car, etc. So that's what we did. For the next hour, we figured out how to make these dang things. After they'd cooled and set, Eliot and I sat down to eat some. Eliot got about 4 bites in and said, "Mom, do we have any without this stuff on the outside? Like with just the inside and skin?" I said, "you mean just an apple?" and he got so excited and said, "YES!!"


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Sara D. said...

Carmel apples are HIGH MAINTENANCE! I now prefer to slice my apples, and pair them with the tub of caramel that I microwave at my leisure.