Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I've Learned From My Adoptive Community

(Pictured: a handful of Guatemamas I got to see this weekend. Not pictured: the rest of our foster/adoptive community here in STL and from Guate.)

* There's no land too far or stay too long, there's only longer tourism visas.

* There's no cost too high, there's only more grants, more fundraisers, more selling stuff you didn't need anyway.

* There's no confusion as to whose child this is, there's only attachment practices and fierce love.

* There's no such thing as re-homing. There's only more therapy, more doctors, more conferences, more reading, more loving. (and more wine.)

* There's no right way, no right answer, there's only prayer and support.

* There's no loneliness, there's only more phone calls, texts, and emails. There's only encouragement and support.

* There's no fake smiles, there's only tears and laughter and hugs.

* There's no judgement, there's only nodding of heads and similar stories and a new day tomorrow.


heather said...

Love this!!
Sounds an awful lot like the foster care/adoptive community...
Wish I had more of that here ;)

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate this! I needed to be reminded of some things, and to hear new perspective, too. Thank you, thank you!
(friend of Melissa)

Anonymous said...

What encouragement! Thank you for the reminders, and for the new perspective I needed, too! I am sharing this with others who might need it as desperately as I.
(friend of Melissa) <3