Monday, October 22, 2007

We lost him...second edition

You also might be asking, "how's the transition going" referring to Eliot needing take a nap later in the day and eat lunch first. Well, take a look for yourself. Here's lunch time today: (You may not be able to see the sections of grilled cheese in each hand that didn't quite make it...)

(also notice Daisy's spot. This is now a habit while Eliot's eating...wonder why?)
I thought we were getting better. He fell asleep Saturday in the stroller at 10:45 and was out until after 1:00. Yesterday he fell asleep on the way home from church at 11 until someone set the fire alarm off again at noon. When talking to a friend about it yesterday she flattered me by saying that it must be because his original schedule was so routine that it'll be hard to break. For 3 months he's slept from 11-1 and then a second nap around 4:30. Until last week. He was doing so good staying up until 1 and then sleeping until 3 or 3:30. The last four days haven't been a lot of progress. Maybe this is one of those 2 steps forward, 1 step back transitions? I guess we'll find out!


heather said...

It's so cute though!!

My kids always had a hard time staying up too... we just have always had an early lunch time because of it. Some days I have their food on the table by 11. Actually, on normal days, we're usually wrapping up eating by 11:30 so Sawyer can go to bed whenever he needs to. His normal naptime is right at noon as of now. No way I can make them wait until after noon to eat or keep Sawyer up till one!
But then again, my kids are early risers... sleeping till after 7am is sleeping in for them!

Amanda said...

Our little man is not supposed to be that big yet!!! I can't believe that he is so big in that high chair.
I am so ready to get my hands on him!!! ONLY 3 WEEKS...that is what I have to keep reminding myself.

Blessed Mommy said...

so sad.. poor kiddo! I seriously cannot even imagine my two EVER being sleepy or calm enough to fall asleep in their highchair -- but hey, as long as he's comfy, right?

Dan and Amanda said...

You mean kids actually fall asleep in places other than their beds??? That has never happened in my in my house! when my kids get overly tired they usually fight it and then melt down. That's hilarious!