Wednesday, December 26, 2007

one more today?

this extra post is brought to you by: eliot's really long nap!

After blog hopping a little this afternoon, I've read two blogs about people in Guate for the holidays to visit their little ones. This increases the already strong feelings of nostalgia that have been going on all week. Last year we were at Hotel Casa Ovalle in Antigua. While it was just the three of us, we weren't without family. The Ovalle family that runs the bed & breakfast was so kind to include not only us but all the other guests in their holiday festivities. We ate tamales, had a visit from Santa and Merlin (Guate tradition; I'm not super sure about the details...), had champaign on the terrace watching the 10 different fireworks displays all around Antigua. While it was a Christmas situation we didn't see coming, I was incredibly homesick, and we had no money for presents, it was one of the most unforgettable times we'll have. Our hearts were so full.

Russ brought me all the Christmas cards that had been delivered to us before he flew down. So we covered our hotel room with pics of family and friends. Russ also bought tons of random cards and went around to groups of friends and made them all send me a holiday greeting. Our small group from church got a copy of The Night Before Christmas and wrote little notes to Eliot in the front cover. Russ snuck my stocking down in his suitcase and filled it before I woke up on Christmas. We went out for a special Christmas Eve dinner with Jackie, her ninera Evelyn and Solei, our fostering buddies. Antigua, a normally beautiful landscape, was covered in white lights and Christmas decorations making it seem picture perfect.


Armstrong's said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! We are looking forward to having Christmas in Missouri next year with our little Samuel. Can't say thank you enough for all of the encouragement and the invaluable info that we've gained through reading your blog. I have had my parents and some others take a look so they can get a picture of the adoption journey and life in Guatemala.

Quick question for you- did your little guy have a flat spot on his head when you first got him? We are concerned because Samuel's is a bit flat in the back... probably from being in the crib on his back too much. Just curious if this was something you'd experienced.

Feliz Navidad from Guatemala!

Ferris Family said...

What an amazing year it has been for you guys! I'm in constant awe of your family and all it has been thru, accomplished, and beared witness to. You guys are truly an ispiration!