Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Suckers!

In other words, we're the new parents who are suckers enough to pay the amount the mall is asking for one photo of our kid with Santa. We were looking for a this years vs. last years moment. This is 2007. Below is 2006.

Notice how I'm bending my knees to try and get to the Santa-height. Guatemalan Santa's aren't quite the same as ours...

I have several blogs coming about our huge weekend but they will have to wait as Beth and I have over 130 stockings to organize and ship this afternoon!!

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Anonymous said...

i love that we sat with the same santa! although i learned last year... you can take your own photos at Galleria and just tell them not to bother taking any of their own. the camera guy the night we were there looked glad for a break and actually sat down while i clicked away! at least you know now for next year! take a million of your own for FREE! :)