Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beauty of Facebook

Last night was the longest Arbonne party I've ever had. The actual "Arbonne" part didn't start until after 9:30 even though the invitation read 7:00pm. I didn't get home until after midnight.

My friend Amy (in yellow) decided to invite a bunch of our old high school friends. We all brought old pictures and Amy got out her yearbooks. Memories came out that were buried somewhere that made me about pee my pants. I can't really explain how great this whole evening was. At one point another Amy said, "This is the best (and worst) Arbonne party I've ever been to!" This is a serious business, people.

All this to say, thanks to facebook for making this possible. I haven't talked to some of these girls since high school. It's been fun reconnecting over FB and now to get together in person after all these years. All these years. We old. And according to the pictures in the room last night, the 30's have been kinder to us than our scrunchy-wearing teen years.

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