Monday, March 23, 2009

By the way

In the midst of our ten-hour, toddler and mommy drive, I had just about made the decision to start using the old school phrase 'emory board' in place of 'nail file' from now on when Eliot burped quite loudly from the back seat. Before I could say anything he said, "What sposed to say? squuse me."


kbreints said...

Love those moments!

nicaudfamily said...

What a sweet moment! I love the sweet pic to go with it.
You know every time I check your blog I think- "you and Russ look like the funnest parents ever!"
-Blessed parents to have such an adorable little boy and blessed little boy to have such awesome parents!!

Ferris Family said...

That's hilarious, and oh so "boy"! 10 hrs?!?! I don't envy you at all. 5 hrs with all of mine was more than enough.

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Love it! I hope you have that pic in a frame, it's perfect!