Friday, March 13, 2009

Short changed.

Spring forward was the best deal for me as a mom of a young kid last year. Eliot "slept in" an hour for weeks. We don't need to get anywhere in the mornings so it worked out amazingly. Sunday morning he got up at 7:45 and we got really excited about sleeping in this week.

Not this time around.

Eliot seemed to have gotten the very.wrong.memo.

This morning he got up at 5am. Which, we all know, is really 4am.

I know there are bigger issues in the world but I needed to document this for those teenage years when 1pm is too early to wake up.

Ignore the cuteness.


Heather S. said...

I think Lucy got the same memo that Eliot did! Norah is still asleep at 8:30 and has slept in all week - not Lucy!!

kbreints said...

oh I know. Time change is not a parents best friend fro sure!

Amanda said...

Poor Daisy...I think she was feeling the same way you are!!! She wanted more sleep too.