Monday, September 14, 2009

It was no day at the beach...


It rained all day. We had a small window of time after naps, before dinner that it was clear enough to run across the street to introduce E-shark to what we might refer to as the beach. Did I mention we're on vacation? Cuz these Mohrs done did sneak outta town. Out of town with good and old friends.

Instead we were forced to go to the outlet mall. Nuts. I just plum hate it when that happens.

This pic makes me happier than a ternader in a trailer park. This was half way through the outlet mall. The boys were troopers. Tomorrow we'll hit the sand like it's a sale at GAP.


The Bishops said...

Laughed outloud at your tornado comment...Have a fun time at the beach!

The Giffen Family said...

Thanks for the CARS quote -- laugh EVERYTIME I hear it...HILARIOUS! :)

Amanda said...

Like Fathers Like Sons!!!
Love the face that "G" is making in the one picture...I know all of you are having a great time!!! Just wish I could be in on that fun!!!!!!!!!