Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's play a game!

If you happen to be my friend on ye ol' facebook, you may be aware of my new found love of the scanner at work. Remember that sexy lunch hour? Well, envision boxes of old pictures + 60 minutes of pushing "scan" with one hand and munching on lunch with the other.

So, I decided to play a game with you bloggees. It's a throw back to "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" We'll start with an easy one and then make them harder (use those context clues, peeps!):








8. Buffalo Bonus Question:

Go! Go!


Allie DeSmet said...

Why am I up so late playing your silly little game KMohr? I'd better get a big prize for all my answers, and being the first to comment, but you didn't write about the prize, so there probably won't be one... but just in case,

just so you know, i should be in bed right now....
1: wrigley field
2: medieval times dinner and tournament.... now here's the catch. there are nine castles in the US and Canada: Florida, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas. Now due to the locations, I would guess you are at the one in Illinois?
3: Ireland- Northern Ireland. Probably with Erin Seibel... ;)
4: The famous Beale St in Memphis, TN
5: Seattle's Public Market- Pike Place... Home to the fish throwers?
6: Colorado- possibly the Ute Trail Ranch?
7: Lake Michigan?
8: Don't give me "Context Clues" that don't make sense. The state animals of Kansas and Oklahoma are buffalos or bison, but the last time I checked neither had a beach... I don't have an answer...

Love you Katie Mohr. Oh the things you make me do with your silly words of contests and fun!

Amanda said...

1. Chicago

2. hmmm...could be several different places because there are 4 or 5 of these restaurants.

3.Niagra Falls




7. I know it is on a retreat but I have no clue where.


Jessica said...

Ohhhh! I'm so going to win! :)
1.Chicago/wrigley field
2. I'm thinking Lambert's where they throw the rolls
3.I'm thinking Niagra Falls
4. Beale Street in Memphis
5. Seattle's Pike Place Market
6. Colorado... specifically the Ute Trail in the San Juan Mountains
7. On the boat to Amapala in the Southern part of Honduras
8. I don't know the bonus question... I'm going to guess buffalo New York

Julie said...

Number 8 is Cannon Beach, OR. The famous haystack rock or whatever. It has lots of birds that live on it. :)

heather said...

I like these cuz some of them are my home turf (if we're extending my home turf over the whole Pacific Northwest, that is!)

1. wrigley field, chicago
2. ? chicago again? schaumburg? I was trying to look for clues, but all I could come up with was you're wearing warm clothes so it's probably not Florida, etc!
3. niagra falls
4. memphis
5. pike place market, seattle
6. looks US-y... colorado?
7. honduras
8. canon beach, oregon (haystack rock!)