Sunday, September 6, 2009

"It's OUR time down here!"

Have I really not posted since Tuesday? What's going on, for pete's?

A couple follow-ups fer ya (not a typo, I live in Missouri):

*The Halloween costume guessing contest thingy will be revealed in due time. Relax.

*The CarMohr San Diego game? Heather was the closest.

1. Cubs game at Wrigley (Bucket list item for the mister. Now I can off him.)
2.Medieval Times in Shaumberg (Chicago-ish). Same location as Ikea, thankyouverymuch.
3.Niagra trip after Lisa's wedding in NY.
4.Beale Street, Memphis
5.Pike's Place Market in Seattle (5 year anniversary trip!)
6.Colorado backpacking trip. You know us and our constant backpacking...Actually, it was a phenom trip, but that's a story for another day when you want to hear about how my life was in danger 12 different ways.
7. A lake between Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Mission trip fun day at the beach!
8. Canon Beach, OR. However, I'm slightly disappointed in you people. No one said anything about Goonies. That's the only reason we went there!

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Anonymous said...

Katie, seriously, that post from BooMama had me snorting I was laughing so hard...mainly from the comments. Definitely will be subscribing...thanks!

Heather said...

For what it's worth, I THOUGHT that was the Goonies location!!!!!

Gina said...

I didn't guess on the pics, but I'm giving myself credit because I SWEAR I thought "is that Astoria in Oregon where they filmed Goonies?" We went there on a choir tour trip at GC and it is so stinkin' cool. Dang it...

heather said...

Okay, so Goonies was mostly filmed in ASTORIA, OR not actually at Canon Beach. The Goonies house was in Astoria which is about 30 miles north of Canon Beach... completely different town. Only the shot of the rock was from Canon Beach.

We love Canon Beach though!
And if you ever go back, Ryan loves Moe's... excellent clam chowder. :)

So what do I win? hehe.