Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here's hoping!

Last fall on our way to the Arbonne Cancun trip, Nicole and I walked by a troop of military men in the airport. The soldier guy in charge (not trying to be disrespectful, just have no idea what rank he was) of the troop was calling all the guys to line up to board the plane. He wasn't shouting or straining his voice AT ALL and yet Nicole and I had to pause our conversation because we couldn't hear each other. It was powerful.

I looked at Nicole (who has a son Eliot's age) and said, "Do you think his mother went crazy trying to get him to quiet down all the time?" Since then whenever Eliot's behavior is driving me crazy, I've been trying to put a positive spin on it. Hoping that perhaps the things he's naturally good at (that drive me ka-zonkers) will turn out to be a blessing? Anyone? Like maybe Shaun White's mom had to repeat "Stop flipping off the couch!" 800 times a day?

Like maybe Eliot will be a ground-breaking sound effects creator? Or maybe his obsession with spoilers on cars will turn into a love for aerodynamics?

Like when he's grown and doing what-have-you and his employer/professor/whatever says how natural he is at ______, will Russ and I look at each other and smile knowing how an element of that used to drive us crazy?

Any mothers further down the road noticing this?


Katherine said...

Not a mother but here's a story. Even as a baby, my sister was a drama queen. One time on a road trip, my parents drove by a stinky spot, maybe a skunk or sewage plant, I don't know. Anyway, Emily, who's barely 2 I think, goes "Stink. STINK!" then holds her nose and starts fake gagging as loud as she can. She's now a theater professor and a great actor. Similar stories with me and my mom too.

Brad said...

According to my mom, I wouldn't shut up as a kid. Not sure she saw me becoming a preacher though. :-)

Krystal said...

Well Lucas is very smooth, with a shy grin and a big sweet talker when he wants something and a fast talker when he wants you to get what he is trying to tell you, which is non-stop. I think he is going to be a lawyer....lol