Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol. 8

Friday night? Playing w/ tornadoes and getting stuff ready for the bake sale at E's school.

This might be my first follow-up on a previous Bits of my weekend, but look at vol 2, we watched them build the nest and now we have little fuzzy friends! (not pictured: me singing "Circle of Life" and Eliot saying, "No thanks, mom.")

We hung out at the school's garage sale for a bit and then around the neighborhood to see if we could score any other good deals. Like this beanie baby. Total. score. (ugh.)

After Eliot lost all faith in the phrase "Just one more yard sale..." we headed to the zoo. I LURVE that our zoo is not only amazing but free. So, spending less than 2 hours there before naptime doesn't cost us Eliot's college education. We zip in, check out a few things and zip back out. Done and done.

Since it's free admission, once in awhile we spring for something cool like petting sting rays...

...aaaaand there's $3 I'll never get back.

What's better than me in gray cotton? A chocolate chip in gray cotton acting like a tiger.

Sunday we got the special treat of going to the Cards game, our first of this season, and wouldn't you know, it was free bat day for kids. 15,000 HEAVY, wooden bats + kids = REALLY?!? Crime rate? Anyone?

Our friend Sara!

Do you see those 2 birds on the wire above? Eliot pointed those out to us to let us know they were watching the baseball game.


Playing imaginary baseball with our new weapon, I mean, bat at Margie's house after dinner.

Dana and Joe!

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A Little McD said...

First of all, the family pic in the stadium with the arch in the background = money shot! Secondly, I love the orange bike shirt. Javen has it of my favs. Thank you, Target!

Kate H. said...

Your peanut butter brownies were a huge success! And I need a recipe!

Dayna said...

The bat part was scary, but what a fun memory!

I love that Eliot pointed out the birds on the wire. Leave it to a child to remind us of the little things that we'd otherwise overlook -- two birds versus a huge crowd and the excitement of a game. What a blessing.

michelle from Six in the City said...

Nothing is better than a spring day with a baseball game!

Kelly Tirman said...

As always your son is so darn cute!