Wednesday, May 5, 2010


(I grew up in Michigan, so you understand...)

In case you're having a long week, here's a couple of videos that I've seen this week that entertained me. You know, if you're living in a hotel, constantly administering meds, trying to figure out flood insurance claims, or whathaveyou, maybe GLEE meets FlashMob will be what takes your mind off of it.

Or perhaps you like a good TrunkMonkey?

Or may I offer you a tasty FE song and video?


The Busters said...

Your blog title made me laugh!! :) I'm glad you still appreciate the video. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!! Cookie dough is a VERY good idea.

Jodie Allen said...

I was up until 2am working last night and today my exhaustion level has me near tears constantly so I don't know if it's just me being super emotional or what but the Ohio video made me cry! :)