Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol. 11

Friday we took E to his first dentist appt (yes, I know we're late on this one! Do not wait until your kid is 4, people! Take them when they turn 3!) I love seeing him in real life situations like that! He seems so grown up. He did great and has been telling everyone about it since we got back. He had to get xrays at one point and we heard the hygienist say, "I need you to stop giggling so I can take your picture!" Love that kid.

Saturday we made a quick stop at the donut place to mark the beginning of summer and then headed west to a blueberry patch!

It was 12 kinds of h.o.t. but it was worth it.

Eliot apparently mistook blueberry farm for a WHinery. (joke copyright goes to Russ.)Even unlimited blueberries weren't enough to create any picking endurance.

That's 6 quarts of berry blast!

Saturday afternoon was spent like most of you...

Do you like how I'm completely blog-ignoring the fact that we just went to Guatemala for 2 weeks?? I promise more on that later, this last week back was a total blur but I'm slowly coming back!


sherilee said...

Blueberry picking... one of my favorite parts of summer! Looks like a lovely weekend!

Michelle said...

Haha those glasses are too cute. Our dentist just uses regular sunglasses.

My kids love blueberries they just had them for the first time recently.