Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bits of my weekend, Vol 23 (Labor Day Weekend!)

**This post is roughly a month late, but it's my site, so I'll blog if I want to, blog if I want to, blog if I want to. You would blog to if it happened to you.

Friday night we went to the Lafayette Square bike race.

Then off to the Seibels for Smores! It was cool enough for jackets!

Saturday we spent the morning at a local sculpture park.

Saturday evening was the annual Bolla Tournament 2010. Look out.

The Mrs. Mohr/Moore team's alleged winners pic.

If you think my awkwardness is odd, know that it's a with a deep sense of commitment that I stay loyal to my role in this pic. See below, circa 6+ years ago:

Sunday! I often refer to the Seibels on this here blog. They are our family (not biologically) in St. Louis and we adore them. This weekend was a rare occasion in that all four kids were home. Pic of the Seibs plus a couple extras...

And then there's this kid...

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