Monday, March 21, 2011

So be it...

Anyone wanna download the newest Russ Mohr album? Go here!

It's 5 songs, 2 old hymns + 3 originals. I've been listening to it for a couple weeks now and I love it. Even if I had no bias at all, wasn't totally in love with the artist, didn't find him wildly attractive, I would lurve this CD. That's my official recommendation. ha!

Okay, for reals, peeps. Here's the deal:

1. After we send a little "we insist on paying you for your time" to the guys who recorded, mixed and mastered the tunes, your money goes to the adoption. The CD is downloadable for $10. Yes, it's only 5 songs for $10 and that's more than a normal CD but it's our second and last fundraiser. And it's gooooood.

2. I need you to spread the word. Lots of you are bloggers and 99% of you are on facebook. We could use any word-spreading means you have. We made huge progress on our adoption expenses with the day of mini-shoots but we still have a ways to go. Any shout out you could lend would be awesome!

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