Friday, July 20, 2012


July's date got trumped (ha! get it?) by a somewhat impromptu trip to my favorite city. Russ had a meeting there on Monday, we had a free place to stay and enough miles built up that everything fell into place for a few days getaway. I missed our boys like crazy but I don't often get to miss them, which I think is healthy. But we don't need to tackle that parenting issue on this post.

(p.s. our original July date was an outdoor activity and the STL has been host to 100+ temps all month, so it was a good date to postpone anyway...#planningfail)
We spent an afternoon at Coney Island.

30 Rock! (Hi Kenneth!)
We also spent way too much time at The Frying Pan and Pier Maritime 66. Who knew Hoboken would host such a beautiful sunset?!

Such a great long weekend getaway! We actually didn't get a whole lot of time with just the two of us (more NYC pics soon!) but couldn't resist time with friends and family.

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