Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! (Part 2)

So, that being said...we were just the 3 of us Christmas morning! It's so different to wake up Christmas morning when you have children! Russ and I were definitely more excited than Eliot, he wasn't sure why we were so giddy!

We started a new tradition (can it even be a tradition yet?) of giving each other new pj's on Christmas Eve. We gave Eliot his stocking first and that seemed to take his whole attention the rest of the morning since it was full of his favorite snacks. The favorite of the morning seemed to be the Magnadoodle. Who knew?

(Russ's new Christmas job...)

Russ got 'Dad slippers'!

After Eliot's nap we headed over to our St. Louis "family" for the afternoon, the Seibels. Eliot was intrigued by Jeff's toys and as always, the Cuck-coo clock!

featuring Pablo...

Jeff's remote-controlled helicopter is flying over Buddy, the dog!

"I don't see any mistletoe, Dana..."

Just missing sweet Erin!

E was trying out sitting like a big boy at the table. He's so silly!


Amy James said...

Eliot is so darn cute. I love looking at all your pictures and reading the updates on him and your family, too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Christmas will never be the same now that you have El!! It is so fun to see how excited they get each year! The best is yet to come!! Merry Christmas!!!

Alton, Amanda, Dakota, and Ali