Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Satisfied Arbonne Client

Yes, Eliot loves his Arbonne vitamins! It's a powder that you pour into water to make punch! And yes, I'm exploiting his cuteness in order to talk about Arbonne! =) I'm thinking of making it a reoccurring bit. Can you picture it? Eliot displaying all kinds of Arbonne products? Hmmm. Not sure Russ would go for it.

Okay, seriously, the kids (ages 2-6) vitamins are on an internet special this month. They're 20% off online and then I'm offering an additional 35% off. They retail at $22, then down to $17.60 with the special, then down to $11.44. Email me in you want to try it with your kids! And in light of the newest "everything-you-use-with/on/around-your-kids-is-harmful" buzz, I'm also offering the Arbonne Baby line at 35% off. It is guaranteed to be pure, safe, and beneficial. Check it out at and then email me. (pretzels and sleepy boy in video not included.)


Armstrong's said...

He's adorable and a good salesman! :) We're bummed we didn't make it to St. Louis last weekend to get to meet you guys (and pick your brain!). Maybe we could set up a phone date? We're trying to decide when I'll head to Antigua and have some questions when you have time!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...


Check out the jewelry on our blog....I think you'll love it!!! Spread the word to your Guatemomma friends!!!!!

Love ya,

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

P.S. Did you know I used to sell Arbonne??!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a ham! I love it!!

Jon said...

Has your child sold out to the establishment already? Just kidding. He's a true American now; endorsing a product and everything.