Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on Cancun!

Yeah, it's a golf and spa resort. This picture stirs happy feelings, especially on a day like today when STL has been pounded with ice over the last several days and Russ is gone for a few days with the band. Nothing sounds or looks better to me than a getaway with my crazy spouse of ten years. I don't have a total for this month yet, but in the first two months I've earned 475 points toward the trip. I need either 1800, 2500 or 3500 in order for us to go. (the lower two amounts include a buy-in amount) The good news is that I have 6 more months to keep points accumulating. I’m on track this month to add another 375. There is a possibility of making it 575 if I bust it. Which leads me to create a “Leap Day” special.

It’s simple really. It’s the old-fashioned BOGO (Buy one, Get one). (I'm not sure there's anything old-fashioned about a 'bogo'. I can't really see Laura Ingalls Wilder running over the grassy knoll yelling "Pa! It's BOGO time at Nelly's store!") I digress. Here it is: Buy one Arbonne item at regular price and get an additional item of equal or lesser value free. Yep. I want to go to Cancun and you might need face wash. Let’s work together on this. by Friday the 29th if you want to take advantage of this! Think big, people.

However, if I hit 575 this month, I may need to implement and commit to a work-out schedule in order to allow myself to wear a swimsuit. Oh brother. Don’t worry though, I promise to keep those pics off the blog…


Greg and Felicia Huff said...

Read your comment on our blog (glad you visited - love your blog - visit often)... Came up with a great idea! You could move this way and we would have our own Arbonne representative! Sounds like a plan to me. BOGO's are wonderful. Sounds like I need to shop Arbonne! Haven't done that for awhile becasue we're cutting costs... However, BOGO's are just too hard to pass up!


Amanda said... crack me up!!! Let me know what I need to do to help...but remember I don't have alot of money, so no I can't buy enough product on my own to get you to Cancun. But, hey there are perks for me too, like spending a week with my awesome nephew!!! Let's keep this ball rolling!!!!

Laura P said...

So sorry I have dropped off the face of the earth! I wanted to tell you how Arbonne is going but I will have to e-mail you with that, I would LOVE to meet you in Cancun but I don't know if I am going to be able to get that many points:( So you may have to go for both of us this year. Are you going to NTC this year? Just wondering...
Have a fabulous day, love seeing how you are doing!
Laura P

Pat and Lee Anne said...

Is that the Moon Palace?? Lee Anne and I stayed there ONE year ago after we had decided to "cash it in completely" on having any biological children. Thank you for all of the very kind posts. I want to meet you and Russ some time soon. I have family in St. Louis so hopefully I will come visit soon and maybe we can meet......Pat