Friday, February 22, 2008

TTLY (This time last year)

I feel like this should be a regular segment: This Time Last Year. I like to revisit my time in Guate pre-blog so that I have another record of it. So, here's a quick peek into our time last year. By this time in 07, I'd been in Guate for 3 months and was hoping to hear good news any day! After spending 5 weeks with us, Russ had to return home to get back to regular life. At our Bed and Breakfast, Casa Ovalle in Antigua we met new friends Christine and Jonathan, went to a real mall in the city for the first time, started hanging out more with some lady named Sharon and her daughter Bella, visited the Guatemala City zoo, and our first coffee plantation. We also spent our Valentines with each other minus Dad. That should be enough catch up for this post!! There probably won't be too many more of these posts since I started blogging in March.

My B&B housemates!! I miss these girls and their kiddos!

This was a picture in front of Tommy Hilfiger. I didn't buy much that day but couldn't get over how normal the mall was. I hadn't been to 'normal' in 3 months. Little things like waxed floors and a food court brought a surprising amount of comfort.

Our trip to the zoo! They had exotic animals like racoons, guinea pigs, ducks and turtles.

Going on a field trip to the coffee plantation with Christine and Jonathan. Christine and I got the giggles because every time the guide tried to give his shpeel, Eliot would start making his lips do the raspberry sound. It was new for him and quite fun.

and Valentine's Day 2007!

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Heather said...

Those pics of E are so cute-the gummy little smile! I remember not being able to wait for Fisher to get teeth, but also knowing that I would never see that gummy smile again once the teeth popped through :).