Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

Last year we were celebrating Easter over quesadillas at Sky Cafe as the processions went through the streets of Antigua while talking of heading to the pool. This year, we woke up to snow falling in the good ol' midwest! People at church were greeting each other with Merry Christmas.

(Some favorites from last year!)

Eliot has been asking me for years to buy him a necktie so I finally caved. Now there's no more Eliot because I ate his cute little face. I couldn't help it.

We went to church and then out for our annual brunch with the Seibels. It wasn't the same without Kyle and Erin. Eliot played his "I can't hear you!" game over and over since he had willing participants. So silly!

Then after a rough naptime at home, we headed back to the Seibels for the egg hunt and dinner. After dinner, Eliot pretty much went over the edge. Not sure if it was the lack of nap or just the natural 'center of attention' monster we've created, but he got super silly halfway through changing into his pj's and RAN around the house half naked for the next hour. (Hence the celeb-lookalike pics in the previous post.)

By the way, Eliot was way more interested in chucking the eggs back across the yard instead of collecting them. What are we in for?


Ferris Family said...

I love the tie! My boys are always asking for them, and I happily cave every time.
Maddox was much more interested in throwing and kicking the eggs than collecting them.

Greg and Felicia Huff said...

I think you have a Cardinal in the making... Maybe another Ozzie! Cute Easter pictures. It's funny, I never noticed the Tom Cruise resemblance until now! :)


The M. Herndon Family said...

The tie is adorable. My boys haven't asked for a tie yet because normally the only time Matt every wears a tie is for weddings and funerals. Though, he did surprise everyone at church on Easter and wore a tie. Then he told them not to worry...it won't be a regular thing...he'll be back to wearing his baseball hat next week.