Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thunder Snow

How cool does that sound? I don't know that I've ever heard that term before yesterday. Normally I wouldn't post about the weather but St. Louis has been so crazy that I have to acknowledge what's happening. Saturday was in the 60's, Sunday in the upper 70's. Yesterday was rainy all day with a little sleet mixed in and down in the 30's. Today we are experiencing "Thunder Snow". It's just like a regular thunder storm but in place of rain, we have snow falling at heavy rates! Even in the last 30 minutes, the ground is significantly more covered than before! And it's thundering outside! How wacky is that? I'll try to take pictures today

And on a sadder note, yesterday we returned Sammie (our youngest dog) to the shelter. For multiple reasons, it wasn't a right fit for our family or for her anymore. We miss her already but are confident that we made the right decision. It wasn't a great feeling to go through that but she will be a great addition to someone else's family soon. On a lighter note, our list of dog-sitters just got a lot longer...

(Sammie is the skinny, short-haired one)


Rebecca said...

Sorry about your doggy. We had to put our dog down a couple of months ago. It's such a tough decision to make.

The weather is wacky!

Amanda said...

We had quite a bit of snow here this morning believe it or not. Our weather has been just as wacky. Sunday I was in capris and a tshirt sitting out in the yard on a pretty day and woke up this morning with snow on the ground and more falling. Still have snow clouds but nothing falling and the streets are clear.

How has Eliot been yesterday and today only having one dog to chase? I know it was a hard decision but I know Sammie will make another family so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thunder snow!?! That's just crazy!
Amie R.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Russ, and Eliot.

I will now dog sit any time. Daisy and I are meant to be friends. I know that you are sad, but you have made some of us much more happy when you go out of town. Chasing Sammie in the street in my pajamas... Not my idea of fun!

Love, Allie D.

The DeVries' said...

I must admit I can feel your sadness...I know you through lots of people...Heather and Jon, mostly. My "cousins"...Jon, my husband's cousin who married my friend Heather :) Anyway, we are finally expecting and have to find a new home for one of our two dogs, Peanut. She looks exactly like your dog that you had to take back...I wonder...I've raised her from a pup, and she's sweeter than ever, but doesn't like babies/small children at all. I'm devastated and can share your pain...let me know of a good shelter...I'm against them...I have to find a home, so it has to be one that won't put them down for any reason. I love her! Thanks for your blog; I love it, and now I'm starting my own with our future family to be. Jen DeVries