Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A peek into a Rock Star's week...

Russ and FE are in the studio all week, finishing their new album, in Nashville. They are giving daily updates on their blog, complete with a "confession cam" where they pretend to be annoyed with each other. It's entertaining to say the least. And since Russ is bothered by the fact that our family blog gets more hits than the band blog (which, to their credit, is somewhat new) I encourage each of you to stop by it often, especially this week.

The good news is that they are almost done with the record and will then send it off to print once it's all finished. They're hoping to have their CD release party in the spring (May-ish?). You will need to keep up to date on that detail since that is a purchase you will want to make! (I kinda know a guy in the band and have been privileged to listen to some of the finished tracks already...)I really am so proud of the guys (not just Russ). They work so well together and it shows.

Here's the site address: It's also under my list of "other links we like". Enjoy!

(Not to mention that we girls collaborated and created our own blog entry for them for this week...)


Deb said...

How do we go about getting a stop at Bama added to an FE tour??

Jon said...

So who's the Rock Star in the story?

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

HE'S IN NASHVILLE....WHY DIDN'T YOU COME??!!! Can we go see him he doing a concert anywhere? I'm headed to their web-site right now.


Pat and Lee Anne said...

Katie, love reading your blog. The weather in Guat sure beats MO! Things are going really well here; having alot of fun. Pat and 4 friends are coming Easter wknd. yikes!! Had I known about the massive crowd, I would've picked a different date. I'll be out super early on Good Friday w/ camera. Thanks. Virginia had her baby boy, and Maricruz and Maria are here alot now.

Later--Lee Anne