Saturday, April 5, 2008

Seven: Eliot Edition

1. Eliot eats food from the middle out when possible. Quesadillas, waffles, pancakes, pizza, etc. He sort of folds it in half and takes a big bite out of the middle, then works his way around. Odd little bird.

2. Eliot has "Achoo-itis" (that's really what it's called, I promise). Every time he is in direct sunlight after having not been, he sneezes. Usually three times. Then he giggles.

3. Eliot grows hair like a chia pet. We have to trim him about every 3 weeks or else his locks run over his ears and down his face and neck. We also need to use Russ's trimmers to manage his "manscape", as Kyle would call it, over his neck and sideburns. He'll be shaving before pre-school.

4. Compassion is a characteristic we're starting to see in Eliot. Whenever we peel bananas or cut grapes in half he says, "Ow".

5. Eliot is somewhat bilingual (big stretch here, people, big!) As much as we can, we talk in Spanish to him. Because of this, he has a few Spanish words in his limited vocab: agua, huevos (eggs), and pasas (raisins.) It's pretty cute.

6. When E is listening to music he likes (FE, what what!) he starts a few different dance moves but lately has been reverting back to itsy bitsy spider moves as a default dance move.

7. Eliot has only had peanut butter once and that was in the form of a PB cookie last summer (and only for the special occasion of a Mammaw B cookie!) I'm too scared. I cherish (Cherish? really?) peanut butter and so badly need him to not be allergic to it that I'm delaying making it a regular part of his diet.


C.J. and Keri said...

I sneeze in the sun too! And usually after a peppermint, but you'll probably have to wait to try that one with E-man.

Deb said...

Noah sneezes in the sun, too!

heather said...

Sawyer does the sneezing too... only it's not just sunlight for him, it's any light being turned on from semi- darkness. I can always hear when he's awake in his room in the morning because he turns his bedroom lamp on and sneezes. And its' three sneezes every time!

Love the seven things of Eliot!

Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

I'm a sun sneezer and a mint sneezer, too. (C.J. and I have a lot more in common than we originally though, I suppose.)

Armstrong's said...

Glad to hear that Samuel isn't the only one who will be shaving before kindergarten! Samuel has sideburns at 7 months- crazy... must be something about the Guatemalan blood!