Friday, April 25, 2008

Subbing Story 4

Second grade:

Boy 1: Mrs. Mohr, did you know that **** and I are good friends?
Me: Yes, I know! How nice!
Boy 2: Yeah, we've been friends ever since 1st grade!

Second Grade:

boy 1: I have 4 cats at home!
Boy 2: I do, too! And 2 dogs!
Boy 3: I have a polar bear at home.
Boy 1: A polar bear? You can't have one!
Boy 3: Yes I can! It's a baby one.
Boy 1: You still can't have one. It's against the law.
Boy 3: It's a newborn baby, duh!
Boy 1: I don't believe you.
Boy 3: Then I don't believe you have any cats.

Amazing. Simply amazing.


Sharon said...

I need to tell you how much I enjoy these snippets. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Polar bear, huh??? Alton and I just bought a house, and the people that live there now have a real, stuffed polar bear in their basement. The man shot it in Canada in 2000. How funny :)