Monday, April 14, 2008

Subbing Story...3

Favorite argument heard so far:

Boy 1: You're not my friend anymore.

Boy 2: Yes I am!

Favorite FYI:

Boy: Mrs. Mohr, we don't say "Dude."

Favorite geography lesson:

Boy 1: Teacher, I'm going to Washington DC on Sunday.

Me: Oh, for Spring Break?

Boy 1: yep, we're staying with my aunt and uncle.

Girl: What continent is that on?

Boy 1: Arkansas, I think.

Girl: No! That continent is Little Rock, duh!

The countdown begins: 39 school days left!


Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

Exactly by SLCS is going to rock the MAP!

Amanda said...

I love that story!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny!!! My countdown has begun as well....31 days and counting :)